VR FPS Gunheart Makes A Major Update, Including A New Campaign

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VR FPS Gunheart Makes A Major Update, Including A New Campaign

-Brand new campaign including an entirely new script and VO spanning nine story missions.

-20 new side missions in addition to the PVP challenges; and ongoing weekly missions.

-Expanded loot system including new weapon mods to discover, unlock, upgrade and mix-n-match such as the glass cannon, bloodlust, bubble shield, intravenous bombs, easy money, berserker and fly paper.

-30 new cosmetic items to acquire.

-New world elements: new bosses, “spawning bag” creatures, powerup printers and data pads.

-Enemy upgrades: dropships with new behaviors, improved buzzkills and continued hopper AI upgrades.

-Ongoing improvements, bug fixes and polish made to audio and sound, weapons and leaderboards.


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