Upcoming PS4 “Legacy” Theme Has A Nostalgic Style Based Off The PS2 – News

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Upcoming PS4 “Legacy” Theme Has A Nostalgic Style Based Off The PS2 – News

Legacy is an upcoming theme that transforms your PlayStation 4 dashboard into an aesthetic similar to the PlayStation 2. Costing $2.99, this theme reimagines the look of the PS2 for a modern console while also staying true to the original’s style.

Developer Truant Pixel says the team spent the last two years prototyping this theme so that it loyally pays tribute the PS2’s design in both look and sound. The team even recreated the PS2’s boot sequence, along with remastered audio. You can take a peek in the video below to see how it looks.

The Legacy theme releases on December 6, which is the same day a collection of Jak & Daxter classics from the PS2 era arrive for PS4.

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