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Ulster bank first to use full-scale Salesforce Einstein CRM

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Ulster Bank is using Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which enables users of customer relationship management (CRM) software to develop a much deeper understanding of customers.

The platform, which was fully implemented in June, will be able to automatically reveal opportunities that staff would not see using traditional methods, and feed them to users. It will also help them make decisions based on real-time information.

The difference between just “CRM” and “CRM with AI” is that the latter prescribes actions to the user, rather than just giving them the information to make decisions.

Working with data scientists at its integration service provider Atos, the Ulster has integrated Salesforce Einstein CRM with its existing cloud-based CRM system from the supplier. The migration and implementation project took six months to complete.

The software is now being used to serve 1.9 million retail and business customers across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for Ulster Bank, which is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

The platform, which is being used in its business banking operation in the Republic of Ireland, combines data from the internal CRM system and customer data from external systems in a single platform. Atos claimed it was the first time this had ever been done.

The artificial intelligence platform supports hundreds of customer-facing staff by enabling them to better understand and serve customers through automatically analysing customer data and behaviour. It is an AI assistant for CRM users, which learns over time, giving the user a higher level of insight while freeing up the time they would have spent searching for it the traditional way.

The project to take on Einstein CRM involved upgrading Ulster’s existing CRM system to Salesforce Lightening, a data quality cleanse, and the building of a new single customer view.

Damien Judge, head of business commercial excellence at Ulster Bank, said the introduction of the platform had changed the system, the culture and the way staff interact with customers.

“The pace of change was phenomenal, and now we have a CRM system with a 360-degree customer view, generating insights to develop our business and moving us far ahead in the Irish banking market,” he said. 

The system will learn every time it is used to enable the bank to further improve customer services and sales leads.

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