Microsoft Announces Mixer Integration Within Minecraft – News

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Microsoft Announces Mixer Integration Within Minecraft – News

Mixer, formerly known as Beam before its acquisition by Microsoft, and Minecraft, Microsoft’s most recent and expensive acquisition, are joining forces for a new level of integration.

With Mixer, Minecraft streamers can now integrate any command in the game into their stream for viewers to hit at their leisure. Want your viewers to summon zombie archers? It’s a click away. Want them to summon creepers, for that matter? I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s your stream, and Mixer’s now letting you do it. This is similar to the Twitch integration in some games that allows people to cheer to rally a main character’s health, but at a much more granular and fundamental level.

The process will start working with Minecraft on PC and Android, and will come to Xbox One later this week. All versions of Minecraft that support Mixer will be getting it once it exits beta, including Minecraft VR.

Minecraft is also still testing its Better Together update, which came to PC, mobile, and Xbox One earlier this year. The update will be coming to Nintendo Switch later and allows crossplay across all those versions.

With heavier streaming integration becoming a thing, which game would you want to see with audience-interaction features?

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