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One of the most notable qualities of Whatsapp, would be its intuitive cross-platform compatibility. It’s presently on the market for android, iOS, Symbian, some versions of Java OS and recently Whatsapp for iPad was revealed additionally. During this article, I’m aiming to depict the way to download Whatsapp for iPad mini and iPod nano.

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most used instant communication platforms lately. It not only provides a myriad of options and uses, it’s very easy to use with none usage restrictions. You’ll be able to create unlimited calls and messages. I’m quite sure that you currently want to download Whatsapp for iPad mini / iPod nano.

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Whatsapp for iPad mini download

Although, Whatsapp messenger is compatible with recent versions of iOS, and it’s solely optimized for iPhone. If you attempt to put in and run Whatsapp on your iPad or iPod, it is going to show errors. So, I’ve illustrated a comprehensive guide below to repair the matter. However first of all, download Whatsapp on iPad from iTunes store below.

After downloading Whatsapp for iPad mini or iPod from the link mentioned on top of, try and install it. Installation and configuration would achieve success most likely. If it doesn’t work, follow the directions below.

  • First, download iTunes for mac or Windows computer.
  • Also download iPhone Configuration utility from the official web site (Just Google it).
  • Connect your iPad mini or iPod nano to your computer and run Configuration utility.
  • Click on the Applications tab.
  • Browse to the Whatsapp for iPad (.ipa file) from the placement below.

/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Application 

  • Load the IPA goes in the iPhone configuration tool and chooses your device (iPad or iPod).
  • Now head to the applications tab once more, select Whatsapp from the list and click on install.

That’s it, you’ll be able to currently with success install Whatsapp on iPad / mini with none trouble.

Whatsapp for iPad Review and options

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I don’t assume Whatsapp needs any description. It’s the foremost noted mobile application until date and nearly each Smartphone user is responsive to it.

You can send free messages in text, voice and video without fear regarding your network. All you would need is an online (2G/3G/4G) or a WLAN connection to get started. You’ll be able to customise your user profile and set your phone contacts.

Break the ice with over 100 emoticons. Whatsapp for iPad options a straightforward and chic computer programme. You’ll be able to get accustomed the controls inside a matter of minutes.

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