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Download Paperama for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Paperama is a fun and interactive origami game that lets you explore your creativity and strategy skills. You can challenge yourself as you graduate through the different levels.

There are 70 levels of puzzle making fun. This game has special hints when you need a little assistance. You will love the challenge of creating the special origami folds.

Precise folding will help you graduate to the next level, complete each puzzle with as few folds as possible for better form completions. The 3D graphics help the beautiful world of origami come to life for you as you complete each fold.

There are hints available for you if you need help with a part of the puzzle. Use your hints when you need them because you are limited on hints. As the puzzles progress you are challenged a little more. This is a great way to practice your strategy skill and exercise you brain.

You will be prompted to drag the paper edge or corner to match the dotted lines in order to create these beautiful origami shapes. You can play this game anywhere on your mobile devices or computers. Play it while you wait during appointments or at home unwinding.

Paperama is a game made for the whole family to enjoy. It is rated for everyone. With over 1 million downloads this game is enjoyed by many. The creator sends regular updates to keep the game running smooth and adding new features. It requires Android 2.3.3 and up in order to play. The app plays smooth and has an easy to use and very reliable system software.

Begin today to explore the fabulous world of origami. You can start with simple shapes and graduate up to more. Enjoy creating your own world of origami that you bring to life yourself.

Download Paperama for PC

To download Paperama for your PC you will need the BlueStacks App Player program. The application allows you to run Android apps on Mac OSX or Windows systems, install a definite number of apps, as well as sync apps from Android devices to desktop systems. Let us see how.

Download and Install Bluestacks

BlueStacks App Player is freely downloadable from the website of the creator of the application. You can also get the download from any other trusted software app hosting sites. Once you run the install, the program will be installed directly into your hard drive. You can either opt in or out for BlueStacks spotlight and notifications.

Run the Program

Once the installation is finished, the program will open in its home screen. Several options such as apps search, sync apps, access settings, etc. will be displayed on the home screen. You can now either start installing android apps or can sync your android device apps so that you can run them in your PC.

Download and Install Paperama

In order to install Paperama, you will need to have a Google account which will associate BlueStacks with the Google Play Store. You can register with your existing Google+ account. If you do not have one yet, you will need to create one. Apart from Google Play, BlueStacks connects with two more app stores – Amazon and 1 Mobile. All you need to do is to go to the app search section of the program and enter “Paperama”. You will be directed to the store that features it. Once you are there in the store (for example, in the Google Play Store), you can then navigate the features of that specific store and find the Paperama app. You can download Paperama without any difficulty and the installation will be performed automatically by BlueStacks itself.

Optional – Sync Android Apps from Your Phone Device

To sync apps from your android device, you will need to go to BlueStacks’ app sync section. First, you will need to download an app called Cloud Connect which is sourced by Google’s Android Market. Once the download is complete, you will need to move to the settings section of BlueStacks and click on Cloud Connect. This will direct you to a window asking you for your email id and your android phone number. Once you provide the details, you will receive a pin number that will be sent to your mail account by Bluestacks. You will be asked to provide this pin number when you opt to sync your existing android device apps to your PC. Remember however, that this will only sync the apps themselves to your PC system. As of now, BlueStacks does not equip you to sync app data such as game progress, login credentials, etc.

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