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Did You Know Gaming Looks At Diddy Kong’s Colorful History – News

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Did You Know Gaming Looks At Diddy Kong’s Colorful History – News

Diddy Kong, who debuted as Donkey Kong’s sidekick in Donkey Kong Country on SNES, is featured in Did You Know Gaming’s latest video. The YouTube show takes a deep dive into Diddy’s history and how he has evolved over the years.

Originally, Diddy Kong was planned to be a redesigned version of Donkey Kong Jr., but Nintendo eventually asked Rare to make him an entirely new character. The artist behind Diddy Kong’s design, Kevin Bayliss, hoped that Diddy would provide a contrast to Donkey Kong. Whereas Donkey Kong is more aggressive and strong-looking, Diddy Kong has a friendlier and more childlike aesthetic. 

The video looks at all the games Diddy Kong is featured in, which spans across several console generations including the Nintendo 64 and Wii U. You can watch the video below to find out more interesting details.

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