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Bungie To Outline December Destiny 2 Economy Update, Address Community Feedback Next Week – News

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Bungie To Outline December Destiny 2 Economy Update, Address Community Feedback Next Week – News

Bungie game director Luke Smith promises to dive deep on the system-level changes in Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris update next week, and talk to fans about their concerns regarding the game.

In recent weeks, Bungie has been livestreaming the higher-concept aspects of Destiny 2’s first expansions, Curse of Osiris. They’ve shown off some of the story and campaign, demonstrated the new Mercury location and Infinite Forest repeatable actions, Legendary Strikes, and more. However, much of the joy (and frustration) in Destiny 2 lies in how the game’s gear and token economy works. Today Smith tweeted that next week, the team will outline the updates they plan to make to “vendors & acquiring their gear, tokens, legendary shards, investment updates (new reward systems for weapons & armor) gameplay updates, and more.”

Smith and Bungie project Lead Mark Noseworthy will also take questions and talk about “community feedback we’ve been reading since launch.”

Whether this explanation will be part of the next weekly stream, or its own separate event remains to be seen, but it’s likely the two will be rolled together.


Our Take
Something tells me this is going to be a big moment for the Destiny 2 community. Fans (including Game Informer’s own Matt Miller) have been crying out for weeks about Destiny 2’s myriad endgame issues, from the way earning tokens feels like gambling to how the weekly milestones systems offers diminishing returns for those who want to keep playing after they’ve gotten all their Powerful Gear Engrams. This stream will be Bungie’s first big attempt to assuage those frustrations and let fans know how much of the feedback they’ve taken to heart. If Bungie’s talking points on this end come off as meager or tone deaf, it could further frustrate a community that loves their game of choice but is having issues enjoying as much as they’d like to.


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