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Arc System Works Opens North American Office – News

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Arc System Works Opens North American Office – News

Arc System Works, the developer behind Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena, and the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, has announced that they have opened Arc System Works America Inc.

The developer has long been known for their 2D fighting games, revolutionizing 3D art to look like 2D models with Guilty Gear Xrd in 2013. With no American offices, however, all their localizations have been handled by outside parties. For licensed properties like Persona 4 Arena and Dragon Ball FighterZ, the license holders handled the publishing. For ArcSys’ own games, publisher Aksys localized them all, facing criticism for recent localizations not incorporating English dubs.

While ArcSys has not confirmed they will be handling their own localizations and publishing from now one, it is exceedingly rare for a Japanese developer to have offices in America and still cede localization and publishing to another company completely. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

[Source: IPlayWinner]


Our Take
ArcSys has been particularly successful lately, so I imagine they are eager to start self-publishing and getting involved with the American fighting game community for their games.


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