Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Announced For Mobile – News

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Announced For Mobile – News

Today’s Nintendo Animal Crossing Direct focused solely on the mobile title, the newly announced Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, coming out next month.

Pocket Camp is a lightweight version of the basic fundamentals of Animal Crossing on Nintendo consoles, centered on the recursive loop of doing favors for animals in the hopes that they might visit your campgrounds. For example, picking an apple for one villager might net you some material you need, giving a butterfly to another might get you some other materials. From there, you ask Cyrus the Alpaca to build you furniture and place it in your public campgrounds. If it’s furniture an animal likes, they’re more likely to come visit you.

There are plenty of things to do and explore and lots in the periphery of that explanation, but that is the basic framework of how Animal Crossing Pocket Camp works. Nintendo then fleshes out the ideas with other environments like an island, a river, a forest, and a beach, which you travel between with a camper and daily goals, which get you Leaf Tickets.

Leaf Tickets are how Nintendo will be monetizing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Leaf Tickets can be used to buy the material you need for furniture or speed up the wait time on building things. Need that public pool immediately? Then spending Leaf Tickets is likely your best bet. Nintendo did not make clear what the conversion rate for Leaf Tickets would be from real money, though it is something mobile developers usually do not talk about until the last possible second. As mentioned before, Leaf Tickets can also be used for purchasing materials, but some items seem to be exclusive to leaf ticket use. They can be earned through daily goals, as well.

There is also character creation and customization, which should be perfectly familiar to people who have played Animal Crossing in the past, though like Happy Home Designer, Pocket Camp lets you customize your skin color, as well.

The game is scheduled for a late November release, though it was originally announced in a press release in April 2016. Release platforms were not indicated, but both Android and iOS are a good bet.

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